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Self-Care for When You’re Caring for Others

Today’s post is from friend and fellow writer and mom, Katie Pozzuoli. Katie blogs and writes about self-care. How to Care for Yourself When You’re Pouring Out Self-care is a popular buzzword in American culture right now; magazines, online articles, and celebrities all urge us to “prioritize self-care.” However, if you feel you don’t haveContinue reading “Self-Care for When You’re Caring for Others”


Routine can provide a safe haven. At work, routine also has an alluring way of providing a bubble of predictable protection that is encouraging and reassuring. Especially during busy seasons that are choc full of deadlines and seemingly neverending task lists. Routine can also lower your guard. Typically in these flashes of contentment my spiritualContinue reading “Gatekeeper”

That Guy

“Let’s go blow off some steam.” I looked up, bleary-eyed from pouring over a multitude of tracing paper sketches, scattered sets of plans and study diagrams that I had been hammering away at for hours. I blinked at my college boyfriend standing at the edge of my studio desk piled high with the makings ofContinue reading “That Guy”

Pretty Little Gifts

A merciful heart for all people.  Would give you the shirt off her back.  Capable leader.  Encouraging to others with an aura of peaceful acceptance.  Wise and patient teacher.  Meek and soft-spoken woman of God. Nope. Skeptical.  Brazen.  A little too honest.  Calls individuals out on their wrongs.  Rude.  Blunt.  And permanently stamped by ourContinue reading “Pretty Little Gifts”

First Timer

Children’s intuition. Gut instinct. Discernment. The first time I had ever experienced what most would consider intuition was about the age of 7. My parents had informed my younger brother and me that we were expecting a special guest to stay the weekend at our house. One of my father’s mentors in college or hisContinue reading “First Timer”

Oh, College Boyfriends

Premonition. First impressions. Friendships. One of my closest friends, Lauren, had fallen fast and hard for a 30-year-old ex-Marine who, from all of her accounts, was quite the heartthrob. For a 21-year-old college girl to be seriously and exclusively dating a 30-something-year-old man was a real enigma for me at the time, so I hadContinue reading “Oh, College Boyfriends”

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